Level Name: Feto Verificados

ID: 78130690

v1 - 15/02/22:

- level released, the update hell starts again

- don't worry, the level won't stay like this

v2 - 16/02/22:

- fixed the beginning for wider screens

- changed the placement of the QR code so it can be scanned even when you pause the game

- added something to the middle to the QR code, this will change with every update

- added a "bg effect off" trigger to remove player color particles during some gamemodes

- added some ambient particles to the first ship part

- made the transition after the spider part smoother

- added another part after the spider

v3 - 17/02/22:

- added some features to the top of the ball/spider part

- unchecked the "Glow" tickbox for the destructible brick blocks in the second cube part

- added player color 1 glow objects over the fading blocks in the second cube part, otherwise the glint on those fading blocks would look too out of place

v4 - 18/02/22:

- added another part, which is currently unfinished

v5 - 19/02/22:

- added jump indicators and nerfed jumps in the first part

- finished the previously unfinished part

v6 - 23/02/22:

- changed the way the ground moves in the second cube part

- changed a detail in the first part to make it more noticable

- added some glow deco to the ufo/third cube part

- changed the transition into the second ball part

v7 - 25/02/22:

- slightly changed the color of the danger indicator in the first ship part

v8 - 13/03/22:

- added another short part that will be extended in the future

- fixed a tiny visual bug on the first rock in the second cube part