Level Name: Feto Verificador

ID: 68193061

I feel like now, that the level is rated, I should say some things about it:
It started off purely as a joke level, since "feto verificador" was a but of an inside joke in a vc with some friends, namely Feeto, Beuto, Nick, MRT, CheeseNugget and probably a few more I forgot.
Back then the level barely one minute long, which I built in literally 15 minutes. Since I had a lot of fun building in that very minimalistic style, I kept updating it over and over again, aiming for one update a day.
Sometimes I just fixed some issues, sometimes I added a whole new part, but at every point I just did it because I was having a blast doing it!
And while we kept joking about "Yo let's get feto verificador rated", it was really mostly just fun and games, until tonight (05.06.21) when it got rated while we were watching a "movie" together.
While I find it funny that it did get rated I'm also kinda happy because I have actually put more work into this than you might think.
Either way, I hope everyone who reads this understands this level a bit more now and doesn't take it too seriously :)
PS. yes I really suck at html and css.
PPS. I'm gonna build one more update / extension, whethere you like it or not :D

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@Nvaros please

Most Recent video:

Coin Routes:

v37 - 29/06/21:

- removed the misleading arrow at 83%

v36.1 - 05/06/21:

- the level got rated.

v36 - 09/05/21:

- added a QR code that leads to this site :)

v35 - 09/05/21:

- fixed visual issues

- slightly altered the first section, also raised the roof a block so you can't hit it as easily

v34 - 03/05/21:

- took off the weekend :)

- fixed a visual issue with the falling bricks in the second half of the "walk to the tower" part

v33 - 30/04/21:

- added some color in the form of glow to the forest section

- added another background element to the forest section. It will be disabled in Low Detail mode as it is sort of object-heavy

- fixed a visual error in the transition from "the forest" to "the long walk" (previously used objects that were scaled too big for the game to properly render them)

v32 - 29/04/21:

- added a desintegrating effect to the blocks starting from the spider part

- changed the 2nd wave to UFO, wave starts later on (due to the wave part being incredibly long previously)

v31 - 28/04/21:

- added a final section at the end (This does not mean that I am done doing extensions, it just means there will not be anything else at the end of the level)

- nerfed some jumps in the beginning

v30 - 27/04/21:

- added a new section at the beginning

v29 - 26/04/21:

- removed a ton of unused assets

- added stage titles, currently not numbered as it is unsure at this point, how many stages I will add

v28 - 25/04/21:

- prepared the level for the upcoming extensions, more info about those soon

- added a treransition in the beginning (partly because of the upcoming extensions)

v27.1 - 24/04/21:

- more extensions before the current first part are planned, eventually utilizing the entire song and reaching a length of over 6 minutes

v27 - 23/04/21:

- this update adds minor details that begin at certain section to give the whole level at least a little bit of a feel of progression before 70%

- added a foreground shadow-effect, starting from the first ship part

- added eyes that follow the player into the block design, starting from the first wave part

v26 - 22/04/21:

- fixed a transition bug

v25 - 22/04/21:

- changed the custom background in the 2nd section

- changed background transition into the 2nd section

- added a video showcasing the coin routes (video recorded on v24)

- some technical changes to this website's code are planned to make Nvaros happy ^^

v24 - 21/04/21:

- fixed transition into the spider part (you were able to die if you went in too low or too high, now the gears are in a place so you would die either way)

- (hopefully) fixed transition into the cube part, you would sometimes randomly die there before

v23 - 21/04/21:

- fixed background that was fixed in v22

v22 - 21/04/21:

- fixed background that was added in v21

v21 - 21/04/21:

- added a (lame) background to the 2nd section

v20 - 20/04/21:

- added tower section

- level is XL length now

- merged coin routes 2 + 3 together, they both are required in order to get coin 2 now

- placed 3rd coin in the 2nd section of the level, also requiring a longer setup than before

- updated suggested difficulty to 5*

- fixed ground line color (now uses same color as OBJ)

v19 - 19/04/21:

- added some decoration to the ground spikes

- fixed some minor visual issues

- made first preparations for "Big Tower Update"

v18 - 19/04/21:

- fixed an issue at the end where the overlay wouldn't be displayed correctly on widescreen devices

v17 - 19/04/21:

- added glow to the outlines of the standard, non-moving structures

- fixed visuals for a gear that changes during the 3rd coin route

- XL extension and 2nd section coming soon

v16.1 - 19/04/21:

- added "most recent video" on the top of this site

v16 - 19/04/21:

- added glow to gears

- plans to add glow to most other structures

v15 - 18/04/21:

- added connectors to connect structures with other structures or gears

v14 - 17/04/21:

- added 3rd Coin

- fixed visual glitch with some gears